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Pet Insurance

Over the last few months, we have heard different stories from families right here in Mansfield, Texas. One morning a few months ago, a dog got out of his backyard. He was hit by a car and ran away before anyone could get to him. For days his family searched…
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Why you need flood insurance

“Texas is the land of perennial drought, broken by intense floods” The risk If your home is in a designated flood zone, your lender requires you to have flood insurance. A flood zone is an area that has a 1 percent chance of being flooded in any given year. But…
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Insurance Terms

10 Insurance terms everyone needs to know

  Here are a few definitions that you should be familiar with when getting a new auto policy. Deductible– A deductible is money you pay out of your own pocket before an insurance company covers the rest of a claim. How much you pay depends on the policy and the…
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