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What Homeowners Insurance Covers

Home insurance plans often include six categories of coverage.  When you invest in your home, you want to protect that investment. Homes are not cheap nor are they easy to replace. Homeowners insurance provides financial relief if a covered event damages your home, property, or personal belongings, and more. What…
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What’s Driving Auto Insurance Rates?

You’re standing at the car rental counter waiting to start your vacation when you’re asked a tricky question. Do you want to buy car rental insurance? How will you answer? If you have auto insurance, your policy may already cover damage to a rental car, but the coverage might be…
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Motorcycle Safety Tips

Motorcycle Safety Tips   Riding a motorcycle, whether you’re a new or seasoned rider, can be challenging and comes with a lot of responsibility. Although you’re not in a vehicle, the rules of the road still apply to you just like every other driver on the road. We put together…
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Checklist For An Annual Business Insurance Policy Review

Checklist For An Annual Business Insurance Policy Review The year-end means more than merriment, mistletoe, and your year-end business income and financial reconciliation-it are also the time to perform your annual business insurance review. As your business has grown or shifted in the past year, likely so have your insurance…
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Insurance Score vs Credit Score

      Confused about the difference between an insurance score and a credit score? Let’s help you learn about the two and how it relates to your insurance rate and premium price.   Is an insurance score the same as a credit score??                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  * NO. A credit…
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