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What is mobile home insurance?

Manufactured housing increases access to affordable homes, but purchasing a manufactured home still isn’t inexpensive. To help protect that investment, Texas residents with manufactured homes can get mobile home insurance.

Mobile home insurance is specialized homeowners insurance for mobile homes and other manufactured housing. The policies take into account the construction of these homes and their valuations.

Who in Texas needs manufactured home insurance?

Most Texas residents who own mobile homes or other manufactured housing should have manufactured home insurance. These are usually the best policy options for mobile homes.

In many cases, residents who have financed their mobile home may be required to carry certain insurance coverages. Lenders often include required coverages in their loan terms, as a means of protecting the lender’s financial interest in a home.

Mobile Home Insurance Texas

Do tenants who rent mobile homes need manufactured home insurance?

Manufactured home insurance is primarily for the mobile home owner. The landlord might purchase this insurance (or landlord insurance) when a mobile home is rented. The tenant typically purchases renters insurance.

What protections are included within manufactured home insurance policies?

The exact coverages that manufactured home policies come with can vary. Most policies’ coverages, however, are similar to those in single-family homeowners policies. Some of the more common manufactured home protections are:

Possible Coverages Available

  • Comprehensive Coverage: May protect the manufactured home itself from damage
  • Personal Property Coverage: May protect personal belongings inside or around the home
  • Personal Liability Coverage: May protect against accidents that occur in or near the mobile home
  • Other Structures Coverage: May protect secondary structures such as sheds, fences and detached garages
  • Water and Sewer Backup Coverage: May protect from damage caused by plumbing issues
  • Loss of Use Coverage: May pay for other lodging if the home becomes uninhabitable due to a disaster
Personal Liability
Personal Property
Other Structures
Water and Sewer Backup
Loss of Use
Mobile Home Insurance Texas

What is a loss settlement provision in a mobile home policy?

In the event of a total property loss, an insurance policy will usually reimburse the property owner for the value of their property at the time of loss. The value of mobile homes isn’t always easy to determine, however, as they don’t always have readily available comps. 

Because valuing mobile homes can be more difficult, insurance policies sometimes have a settlement loss provision within their comprehensive coverage. This is generally the amount that a policy will pay if a mobile home is a total loss.

Should older manufactured homes be insured?

Insurance is normally recommended for manufactured homes so long as they’re being used as a residence (and sometimes even when not). Policies don’t just protect the home, but also can protect the owner and their belongings.

Policies are available for older manufactured homes. Anyone who’s having difficulty finding insurance for an older home should speak with an insurance agent who specializes in these policies. A specialized agent should be able to find coverage easily.

How much does insuring a mobile home cost?

The premiums charged for insuring mobile homes are based on many factors, and costs thus vary. Some of the details that can impact premiums are:

  • Age of mobile home owner (in particular if they’re 50+)
  • Age of the insured mobile home
  • Location of the mobile home (whether in or outside a community)
  • Number of mobile home policies purchased (for landlords)

Most mobile home owners find that insurance doesn’t cost too much, and certainly less than what a major claim could cost.

How can Texas residents get mobile home insurance?

For help protecting a mobile home or other manufactured housing that’s located in Texas, contact the independent insurance agents at McKnight Insurance. Our agents will work with you to find a mobile home insurance policy that provides solid protection.

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