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What are the benefits of getting more than the minimum insurance coverage?

mcknight insurance services

There are plenty. If a consumer does not carry the proper coverage, they open themselves up to lawsuits including wage garnishments. If you have assets of any kind (a house, savings, income, investments, etc.) you will probably have to forfeit some of your personal assets to fairly compensate the people you injured. Texas law requires…

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Do you have a teenager that will be driving soon?

 January is Teen Driving Awareness Month January not only brings in a new year, but it also brings in teenagers who return to school with a license and a car and the teenagers are eager to attend all of their exciting upcoming events, such as spring break, prom and graduation. For this reason, January is…

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Do you need optional insurance when you’re renting a car?

You’re standing at the car rental counter waiting to start your vacation when you’re asked a tricky question. Do you want to buy car rental insurance? How will you answer? If you have auto insurance, your policy may already cover damage to a rental car, but the coverage might be less than the value of…

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Are you a Barber or Barber shop owner?

Are you a barber renting a booth from a barber shop owner?  Or are you the barber shop owner responsible for protecting your space and business assets and employees? Whether you own your shop or rent a booth, General Liability is an important coverage. This protects you and your employees from third party claims, claims…

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Tis the Season to be Jolly and Responsible!

Liquor Liability – is special coverage needed? Any person or business entity that sells or furnishes liquor to a guest has a civil and legal duty to do so responsibly. That legal duty is spelled out in various “dram shop” laws passed in 43 states and in court decisions that guide the other states. A…

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