September 14, 2014

Are you a Barber or Barber shop owner?

Are you a barber renting a booth from a barber shop owner?  Or are you the barber shop owner responsible for protecting your space and business assets and employees?

Whether you own your shop or rent a booth, General Liability is an important coverage. This protects you and your employees from third party claims, claims that typically arise from people outside of your business.

It is recommended that barbers carry the following:

General Liability Insurance- This can protect you by paying for legal defense, for example,  if a customer or vendor slips and falls and decides to bring a law suit against you for their injuries.

Property Insurance Claim-Property damage insurance will typically cover not only cost to replace your damaged contents but also cost to clean the debris from the location. For example, if a circuit breaker malfunctions and starts a fire and spreads.

Workers Compensation- If a employee is injured on the job, workers compensation can pay for  employees medical cost and lost wages.

Business Interruption Insurance- If a fire, storm or any other major event were to cut your power to your location, and your place was so damaged that you couldn’t reopen for an extended length of time, you and your employees might be unable to see clients, therefore you would lose income. In these type of circumstances, Business Interruption coverage can help replace lost profits to  help get you back into business.

Professional Liability Insurance – Also called “errors and omissions” insurance, can protect you from customers who claim you made a technical mistake while providing hair services.

Data Compromise Coverage- This type of coverage can cover theft, loss or accidental release of personal information held by your business. With so many places of businesses experiencing data breach, it is important to have this type of cyber liability coverage.

Equipment Breakdown coverage-  This coverage provides extra protection in case your phones, electrical, heating and or air conditioning or other equipment fails or is damaged.

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