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What is electrician insurance? 

Working as an electrician comes with certain risks. Electrocution is the the most obvious and potentially most serious, but car accidents, tool theft and mistakes are all important to consider. Electrician insurance may help safeguard electricians working in Texas from many of these risks.

Electrician insurance provides tailored coverages for electricians and their businesses. Policies normally protect electricians against both property and liability risks.

Who needs small electrical business insurance in Texas? 

Becoming licensed as a master electrician in Texas generally requires carrying at least liability insurance. Small electrical business insurance with additional coverages is strongly recommended. 

Electrician Insurance Texas

What insurance protections should electricians get for their businesses?

Small electrical business insurance often comes with an array of coverage options. All options should be reviewed with an insurance agent specializing in these policies, but some particularly important ones might include:

Possible Coverages Available

  • General Liability Coverage: Normally protects against third-party injuries or property damages caused by routine accidents.
  • Errors and Omissions Coverage: Normally protects against mistakes in work that cause harm or damage.
  • Commercial Umbrella Coverage: Normally protects by providing enhanced liability coverage against claims that exceed underlying liability limits.
  • Commercial Property Coverage: Normally protects business-owned property, and also equipment and inventory kept at a location.
  • Inland Marine Coverage: Normally protects equipment and inventory while in transit between locations, such as a building and customer locations.
  • Commercial Auto Coverage: Normally protects business vehicles, providing coverage against accidents and other incidents.
  • Business Income Coverage: Normally protects against the loss of revenue when business operations are interrupted due to a covered event.
General Liability Coverage
Errors and Omissions Coverage
Commercial Umbrella Coverage
Commercial Property Coverage
Inland Marine Coverage
Commercial Auto Coverage
Business Income Coverage
Electrician Insurance Texas

Do electrician policies cover damage caused by electrical fault or fire?

Electrical faults or fires resulting from completed work can expose electricians to large liability costs. These types of claims are often covered under errors and omissions insurance, or a broader professional liability insurance.

An insurance agent who knows electrician policies well will be able to help make sure solid protection for errors and mistakes is in place.

Do electricians require workers compensation?

While workers compensation generally isn’t required by Texas state law, the coverage is strongly recommended almost anytime that a business has employees. It normally covers workplace injuries, which are certainly a risk for electricians. Not having coverage could both leave employees in a lurch, and result in major liability costs for a business.

Additionally, sometimes customers will only hire electricians if they have workers compensation. Customers might require general liability also.

Workers compensation might be obtained within a small electrical business insurance policy, or outside of this policy. An experienced small business insurance agent can help electricians determine the best way to get coverage.

Does a homeowners insurance policy cover self-employed electricians? 

Homeowners insurance policies generally aren’t designed to manage the risks associated with electrical work. A homeowners policy almost certainly won’t meet the state’s requirements for licensure.

Self-employed electricians normally need a separate small electrical business policy, most importantly for liability protections. 

How much do electricians pay for their insurance?

How much electricians pay for their business’s insurance depends on many variables. The size of their business, the scope of their work, years of experience, equipment used, and any past claims are just some of what can impact rates.

To find out how much insurance will cost in a specific situation, electricians can consult an independent insurance agent. An independent agent will be able to request customized small electrical business quotes from several companies.

Where can electricians find electrician insurance?

If you need help finding good electrician insurance in Texas, connect with the independent agents at McKnight Insurance. Our agents will work closely with you to determine coverage needs, and then help you find a robust small electrical business insurance policy that’ll meet your needs well.

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