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What is carpenter insurance?

The work that carpenters do comes with some risks. Trucks can be in accidents, equipment and tools can be stolen, and any number of things can go wrong at a job site. Carpenter insurance may offer carpenters in Texas protection against an array of risks.

Carpenter insurance offers tailored protections for carpenters. Protections may extend to a facility, job sites, and when carpenters are driving between locations.

Who in Texas needs carpenters insurance?

Anyone who primarily does any type of carpentry work may need carpenters insurance. It can be a good option for framers, residential carpenters, commercial carpenters, and finish carpenters in Texas.

Others, such as woodworkers, furniture makers, cabinet makers, and luthiers, might need some of the protections found in these policies. These professionals are often better served by getting a business owners policy (BOP), though.

carpenter insurance texas

What protections should carpenters look for when getting insurance?

Carpenters policies can offer a variety of important coverages. Some of these may include:

Possible Coverages Available

  • Commercial General Liability Coverage: May insure against common accidents that lead to third-party property damage or injury.
  • Errors and Omissions Coverage: May insure against incorrect advice provided by carpenters, often referred to as E&O insurance.
  • Commercial Umbrella Coverage: May provide additional insurance for expensive liability lawsuits that exceed the limits of another liability policy.
  • Commercial Building Coverage: May insure workshops, storage facilities, and other buildings that a carpentry business has.
  • Commercial Personal Property Coverage: May insure a carpentry business’s tools, equipment, and supplies while at the carpenter’s location.
  • Inland Marine Coverage: May insure a carpentry business’s tools, equipment, and supplies as they’re transported between a facility and job sites.
  • Builders Risk Coverage: May insure a carpenter business’s tools, equipment, and supplies when they’re used or stored at job sites.
  • Business Interruption Coverage: May insure against losses in revenue resulting from certain disasters.
  • Commercial Auto Coverage: May be required for a carpentry business’s commercial vans and trucks.
Commercial General Liability Coverage
Errors and Omissions Coverage
Commercial Umbrella Coverage
Commercial Building Coverage
Commercial Personal Property Coverage
Inland Marine Coverage
Builders Risk Coverage
Business Interruption Coverage
Commercial Auto Coverage
carpenter insurance texas

Do carpenters need commercial auto coverage when driving their own vehicles?

Carpenters who drive their own (noncommercial) trucks for work should make sure they’re covered when going to/from job sites. Sometimes coverage for basic work-related driving is included as a standard feature in personal auto policies, but that’s far from always the case.

If coverage isn’t automatically included in a personal auto policy, coverage might be available as an optional add-on. If it’s not available even as an option, commercial auto coverage is likely needed.

An insurance agent who specializes in carpentry insurance can help carpenters sort through how they can best get coverage for their work-related driving.

Can general contractors use carpenters insurance policies?

While carpenters insurance may technically be available, it often doesn’t meet all of the coverage needs that general contractors have. A different insurance policy might better protect against the risks that general contractors face.

Should carpenters get their own insurance when subcontracting?

Whether subcontracting carpenters are covered by a general contractor’s insurance depends on the specifics of the general contractor’s policy. Sometimes general contractors choose not to add subcontractors onto their insurance, often because it can increase their premiums. Sometimes subcontractors are covered, either collectively or individually when listed as an “additional insured.” 

Carpenters can review their insurance needs with a knowledgeable insurance agent when subcontracting. An agent will be able to check the terms of a general contractor’s policy.

How much do carpenters pay for insurance?

The insurance premiums that carpenters pay vary. They’re based on many different factors, which frequently include the type of carpentry, equipment used, number of employees (if any), vehicle used, and business’s location.

An independent insurance agent can help compare coverages and premiums from different insurance companies. Independent agents don’t have to favor any one insurer.

Where can Texas carpenters get carpenter insurance?

If you’re a carpenter in Texas, let us at McKnight Insurance help you find a good carpenter insurance policy. We have the expertise to assess coverage needs and review policies, and we can show you the best options from among the different insurance companies underwriting these policies. Together, we can find a robust policy at an affordable rate.

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