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What is janitorial services insurance?

Janitorial work isn’t without its risks, as accidents, accusations and burglaries could all result in major financial problems. Janitorial services insurance may help protect Texas cleaning businesses from a range of risks.

Janitorial services insurance is specialized insurance for commercial cleaning companies. Most policies offer multiple liability and property protections that businesses can choose.

What businesses in Texas is janitor insurance right for?

Most Texas businesses offering commercial or industrial cleaning services should consider janitor insurance. Not carrying coverage could result in devastating financial loss if something happens.

Additionally, insurance can be important regardless of a business’s legal structure. These policies offer protections that sole proprietors, limited liability corporations, and other corporations might all benefit from.

Janitorial Services Insurance Texas

What coverages are available through janitor insurance policies?

Depending on a policy’s specifics, janitor insurance can come with a few different coverages. These may include:

Possible Coverages Available

  • General Liability Coverage: Might cover common accidents where a non-employee is injured, or where a business’s property is damaged.
  • Professional Liability Coverage: Might cover errors that employees make when giving wrong advice to customers.
  • Commercial Property Coverage: Might cover a business’s facility, equipment and cleaning supplies.
  • Commercial Auto Coverage: Might cover a business’s vans or trucks, or “hired and non-owned” auto coverage might cover liability risks when employees use their own cars.
  • Commercial Umbrella Coverage: Might offer supplemental liability protection in case a lawsuit exceeds another liability coverage’s limit.
General Liability Coverage
Professional Liability Coverage
Commercial Umbrella Coverage
Commercial Property Coverage
Commercial Auto Coverage
Janitorial Services Insurance Texas

Should commercial cleaning businesses carry professional liability coverage?

Professional liability coverage normally guards against situations where a qualified professional makes a mistake, potentially covering errors in advice given or in work performed.

Ultimately, whether a commercial cleaning services business should have professional liability depends largely on the particular cleaning services it offers.

Cleaning services businesses that provide only basic cleaning may choose to forgo professional liability coverage. If a business offers any advanced cleaning, or regularly advises clients, however, then it may be wise to include the coverage within a policy.

An insurance agent who specializes in janitorial insurance can help businesses think through this decision.

Should commercial cleaning businesses get workers compensation?

Workers compensation normally offers protection against workplace injuries or illnesses, which are certainly a risk when working with harsh cleaning chemicals. Protection is normally extended to any employees while they’re working.

This coverage is broadly recommended to most commercial cleaning businesses, as most businesses in this space have employees. Having coverage can help ensure employees will be cared for if they’re ever hurt, and provide businesses with valuable liability protection.

Do businesses offering commercial cleaning services need to have a surety bond?

While there’s generally no legal requirement for commercial cleaning businesses to have surety bonds, some commercial and industrial clients may only hire cleaners who have a bond. For this reason, it’s often recommended that janitorial businesses consider getting a surety bond.

An agent who’s familiar with janitor insurance policies can likely assist with surety bonds, too.

How much are premiums for janitorial services policies?

The premiums charged for janitorial services policies vary, as they’re based on many different factors. Details such as the business’s location, its equipment, its services, and how many employees it has are just a few details that commonly impact cost.

To find out how much insurance will cost in a specific situation, janitorial businesses can compare policies with an independent insurance agent. Independent agents are able to request customized quotes from several insurers, which makes comparing rates easy.

How can Texas businesses get janitorial services insurance?

For help insuring a business that offers commercial cleaning services in Texas, contact the independent insurance agents at McKnight Insurance. Our agents will work closely with you, to find a janitorial services insurance policy that meets your business’s needs well.

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