September 15, 2020

Excess Liability Covers so Much More

We worked hard for our success. We deserve an insurance partner who recognizes that. At McKnight, we know that the more your assets grow, the higher your liability risks are. No matter how well you’ve covered your bases, sometimes things go wrong. A car accident. A guest who slips and falls on your property. A lawsuit. If you don’t have the right coverage, an unfortunate situation can compromise your financial security. You have protection for your home – why shouldn’t we have protection for the future? Just like you plan for retirement, or save for your children’s college education, excess/umbrella liability insurance is an important part of your financial plan. Your excess/umbrella policy responds when the underlying liability limits of your other policies, such as home and auto, aren’t enough to cover the unexpected costs of a lawsuit or accident.

Do you entertain guests at you home?
Do you have teenage children?
Do you host your children’s birthday parties at outside venues?
Do you employ household staff, such as a nanny or housekeeper?
Do you or your family members travel regularly for business or pleasure?
Do you have a swimming pool, hot tub, or trampoline at your home?
Do you own a second home?
Are any of your homes or properties held in a trust or limited liability corporation?
Do you serve on the board for a non-profit or charitable organization?
Do you own or operate any recreational vehicles, jet skis, jet boats, or other watercraft?
If you answered”YES “”to any of these question, you may require a higher level of protection.