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Motor Truck Cargo Insurance in Texas

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What is motor truck cargo insurance?

Moving large loads of goods comes with certain risks, as freight companies can be held responsible for loads that are damaged or lost while in transit. Motor truck cargo insurance can help Texas freight haulers protect themselves from liability should cargo be lost or damaged.

Motor truck cargo insurance provides specialized liability coverage for cargo loads. Should loads be damaged or lost, the coverage might cover the lost goods’ cost.

What Texas businesses should carry motor truck cargo coverage?

Most Texas businesses that transport substantial loads should consider motor truck cargo coverage. This includes businesses that operate tractor-trailers, straight trucks, cargo vans and other trucks. Even dump trucks, cement mixers and duallys’ loads might justify purchasing coverage.

Moreover, businesses of all sizes should consider purchasing the coverage. Owner-operators, local delivery businesses, regional freight companies and national freight companies may all want the protections afforded.

Motor Truck Cargo Insurance Texas

What incidents does motor truck cargo coverage extend to?

Motor truck cargo coverage can protect against many causes of cargo loss or damage. Depending on a policy’s terms, conditions and exclusions, the following may be covered:

Possible Coverages Available

  • Multi-vehicle accidents
  • Other collisions
  • Vandalism
  • Theft
  • Hijacking
  • Running over
Multi-vehicle accidents
Running over
Motor Truck Cargo Insurance Texas

What expenses does motor truck cargo coverage pay?

Should there be a covered incident, motor truck cargo coverage might help pay several different costs. Policies might cover:

  • Court fees
  • Attorney fees
  • Settlements
  • Contractual penalties
  • Moving equipment
  • Debris removal
  • Pollutant cleanup
  • Uncollectible freight charges

Does motor truck cargo coverage protect cargo loads while trucks are parked?

Motor truck cargo coverage is generally intended for insuring cargo loads when goods are in transit. Whether loads are covered while trucks are parked depends on the specifics of a policy, and the particulars of a situation.

Coverage normally applies when trucks are parked for a short time during transit. When drivers refuel, take breaks and sleep, motor truck cargo coverage is typically still in effect.

Coverage sometimes applies when trucks are parked for loading and unloading. Sometimes policies include coverage when trucks are at loading bays, but not all policies include coverage for loading bays. When policies do cover loading and unloading, they often stipulate how long these processes can take (e.g. a maximum of 72 hours).

What kinds of cargo can be protected with motor truck cargo coverage?

Motor truck cargo coverage is available for many different types of cargo loads. Policies can cover consumer goods, raw materials, equipment, specialty parts and more.

In some cases, cargo is normally available but more difficult to secure. For example, artwork, collectibles, weapons, live animals and radioactive materials usually require specific protections. An insurance agent who specializes in motor truck cargo policies can help businesses that transport these goods the coverage that they need.

How much does motor truck cargo coverage cost?

The premiums charged for motor truck cargo coverage vary. The distance traveled, perceived risk of loss, and cargo’s value are some of the details that impact cost, and there are numerous other factors which insurers consider. 

An independent insurance agent can request customized quotes from several insurance companies, which makes it easy to see how much insuring cargo will cost in a particular situation.

How can Texas businesses get motor truck cargo insurance?

For help insuring cargo loads that are hauled to, from or within Texas, contact the independent insurance agents at McKnight Insurance. Our agents will work closely with you to identify the specific coverage needs of your loads, and then we’ll help you find the best motor truck cargo insurance policy that meets those particular needs. With our aid, you can have confidence that your business’ cargo is well protected when it’s on the road.

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