Do you understand what drives the cost of your automobile insurance? There are several factors but credit score and driving history are the two main ones.

Credit-based insurance scores are based on age -16-year old’s pay 379% more than 55-year olds.

Gender – women pay 5% more than men.

Marital status – married drivers pay 3% less than single drivers.

Mileage – driving 20k miles per year costs 6% more than driving 7.5k miles per year.

Coverage levels – full coverage costs 178% more than minimum coverage. I do not recommend minimum

coverage except in very limited cases.


Driving Record Statistics:

Drivers with a DUI pay 103% more than drivers with a clean record.

1 Speeding ticket ups your rates 27%

1 reckless driving ticket ups your rate 89%

1 not at fault accident ups your rates 4%

1 at-fault accident ups your rates 50%

1 red light infraction ups your rates 23%

Suspended license ups your rates 97%

Information provided by WalletHub

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