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Why you need flood insurance

“Texas is the land of perennial drought, broken by intense floods” The risk If your home is in a designated flood zone, your lender requires you to have flood insurance. A flood zone is an area that has a 1 percent chance of being flooded in any given year. But floods can happen anywhere. More…

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Are electric scooters covered on your insurance?

Electric scooter rentals are all the rage in Texas’ big cities and college campuses. In a lot of larger cities like Dallas, you can find them on every corner. If trends continue, we may start seeing them in cities like Mansfield and Midlothian Texas. Riders must be 18 years or older, and have a valid…

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Top 10 Things to Consider When Buying Car Insurance for Your New Car

car insurance

With around 220 million licensed drivers in the United States, accidents are bound to happen. Most Americans spend hours each day driving to and from work, school, and other obligations. The highways and interstates have become common ground for us. With so much time on the road, it’s an unfortunate and inevitable fact that we end up…

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10 Reasons Why You Need Trucking Insurance

It’s an ordinary day. You’re heading down the highway, hauling a load of food for a big grocery chain, when suddenly you take a turn too sharply, and you end up tipping over. Groceries spill out everywhere, and some get run over by oncoming traffic. To make things even better, you’ve got a small injury…

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Your Ultimate Guide On What to Look For in Home Insurance

Having an insurance policy as a homeowner is essential in cushioning you from losses when a disaster strikes. Unfortunately, some people feel like they are getting a raw deal from their carriers especially when the damage involved is substantial. The probability of disagreeing on the value of the loss is high when your claim is…

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5 Reasons Why Moving & Storage Companies Need Business Insurance

Your customers put a lot of trust into your moving company. They expect their property to arrive safely. Fulfilling that expectation is up to you. That’s a lot of pressure, on you as a company and on them as a consumer. How do they know which business to trust? Can they expect you to cover…

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7 Reasons You Might Need a Texas Contractor’s Bond

contractor's bond

When you are awarded a contract for a new project, it’s easy to want to dive right in and get into the meat of the work. But if you don’t get a contractor’s bond first, you may have trouble that has nothing to do with the quality of your construction work. Hiring an uninsured, unlicensed,…

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What are the benefits of getting more than the minimum insurance coverage?

mcknight insurance services

There are plenty. If a consumer does not carry the proper coverage, they open themselves up to lawsuits including wage garnishments. If you have assets of any kind (a house, savings, income, investments, etc.) you will probably have to forfeit some of your personal assets to fairly compensate the people you injured. Texas law requires…

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10 Insurance terms everyone needs to know

Insurance Terms

  Here are a few definitions that you should be familiar with when getting a new auto policy. Deductible– A deductible is money you pay out of your own pocket before an insurance company covers the rest of a claim. How much you pay depends on the policy and the company. Usually, though, car insurance…

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